Come into the magical, miraculous world of alchemy, aromatherapy, anointing and transformation. Your life will never be the same again!

Conscious Alchemy Coaching

What are looking to manifest in your life? What dream have you long held sacred and have yet to bring to fruition? What if there were simple tools that you could adopt to help you uncover the deep sub-conscious programming that keeps you from manifesting all of your hearts desires?

With the Conscious Alchemy Coaching program, we can assist you in discovering the deepest paradigms and beliefs you borrowed as a child which keep you playing with a certain frequency or vibration, no matter how many times you say or think, “I want to create. . .” The quantum science of the laws of manifestation work in such a way that no matter the work we do on a psychological level to clear old programming, if we don’t clear it from our sub-conscious, we’ll continue to manifest from the old beliefs or programming buried in the subconscious. Those paradigms create the vibration in our emotional and physical body, which in turn are sent out into the world, creating a vibratory magnet to draw more of the same result.

With Conscious Alchemy Coaching, we’ll work together to identify the limiting belief systems that have controlled us our entire lives, and then we will co-create the new programming and paradigms to replace the old operating systems, and clear the physiology with aromatic elixirs designed specifically for you during the sessions together. Not only will we work with the deep sub-conscious programming, but the combination of aromatics specifically designed for each individual will work with the neuronal pathways of the emotional and behavioral centers in the brain to rewire the brain as well.

We’ll work together online to uncover the hidden paradigms and belief systems, and create new paradigms to replace the old, empowering you to create from a whole new reference point. From that session I’ll then be able to create a custom and exclusive aromatic elixir for you to use which will rewire the neural pathways of the emotional and behavioral centers of the brain and empower you to create and manifest without limits!

Introduction to Aromatherapy

This 90-minute workshop will be an experiential journey into the world of aromatics and how they affect all aspects of our lives. You’ll learn what essential oils are, how they’re made, and how they can benefit your body, mind and spirit. This is an introductory workshop and is most appropriate for those just beginning their journey into the magical world of essential oils and the benefits of aromatherapy.


The Alchemy of Abundance

This 90-minute class is an exploration of the principals needed in order to manifest abundance in your life on every level. As spiritual being on this human journey, your path is one that varies from most, and there are tools you can use to circumnavigate the blocks and fears that keep you from manifesting everything your heart desires. You’ll learn about the sacred aromatics, sound, meditation and affirmations to enable a deep journey  into the subconscious to free yourself from patterns of lack and limitation holding you back from the most abundant expression of your Divine birthright as unlimited and abundant spiritual beings on this human journey.


The Alchemy of Love

This 90-minute class will focus specifically on the oils used for thousands of years and the creation of ceremonies to deepen and enhance unprecedented love and connection.  You’ll learn about the properties of aphrodisical oils, and how to best use them in ceremony to enhance self-love, as well as deepen your love and connection with beloveds.

Practiced daily, the tools used in this class will enhance the frequency of love in your heart, and the hearts of your beloveds. We will also explore anointing rituals to use between lovers to empower connection and intimacy.

You’ll also learn how to create ceremonies to do with your family, children and friends to enhance, deepen and enrich all of your relationships.  These anointing rituals can also become a powerful tool to help heal the wounds of a broken heart.

This class is designed to harmonize  and balance the heart center in order to empower deeper states of love and compassion within you!


The Alchemy of Transformation

This 90-minute class will take you on a journey of powerful transformation as you’re asked to examine where you are in your life, and where do you most want to be. What are your biggest dreams, what are your biggest desires in life, and what do you want to manifest?

Using powerful tools to access the conscious and subconscious minds, you will learn time-tested techniques and the essential oils you want to use to reprogram your sub-conscious mind with new beliefs and paradigms that will support manifesting your dreams, and then stand back and watch the miracles unfold! This is a class designed for people who want to change their current reality and manifest a life they dared only dream of.


Aromatherapy for Practitioners

This 90-minute class is designed for body-workers, healers and practitioners who work with emotional issues in the body and are looking for modalities to aid and assist their practice. 
Learn how to use essential oils, what they are, how they are made, and how they affect the body. You will study specific oils that can be used to release trauma and grief from the body, and the appropriate oils to balance the body and stabilize it from such work. This class was designed by and for body workers who find them selves working with clients and often stimulating an emotional release through their bodywork. The oils covered in this class are wonderful support to the deep emotional release inspired through bodywork.


The Alchemy of Ceremonial Anointing

The Alchemy of Anointing is a 2 day live workshop designed to benefit holistic practitioners and individuals who are looking to initiate themselves into the art of sacred anointing as an offering to clients and patients.

This will be a practical hands-on journey into the ancient art of anointing as practiced thousands of years ago in the temples whenever anyone was moving through great rites of passage and life change.

This 2 day hands on experience will explore the ceremonial use of essential oils for anointing to activate, balance, and align the Body, Mind and Spirit. 

This workshop will focus on the types of essential oils used to anoint in elaborate rites of consecration, and will incorporate the use of crystals, gemstones, sound therapy, color therapy, and energy work to further enhance the application of the anointing oils.

Combining ancient secrets with modern day research, this class will re-introduce anointing as a powerful tool that can awaken Divine consciousness, create more harmony and peace in the body, mind and spirit, and activate exalted states of love in our hearts.

Aromatic Alchemy

1440 Multi-University
Scotts Valley, CA
Dec. 10-15

Enter the transformative world of essential oils and experience the benefits of aromatic alchemy. Immerse yourself in the alchemy of aroma and learn how to use it to awaken consciousness and change hidden subconscious programming.

Guided by Allison Stillman, who brings 30 years of practical experience in this ancient sacred art, you will learn to enrich your connection to life with aromatic and energetic therapies. This 5 day program is the culmination of her life’s work, with the greatest secrets of empowerment and transformation using the sacred art of Aromatic Alchemy.

Through group discussion and sharing, journaling, physical movement, hands-on experience, one-on-one sharing, and walking outdoors, you will explore:

  • Fundamentals of the aromatic arts—what essential oils are, how they’re made, and how you can use them to heal body, mind, and spirit
  • Time-tested anointing techniques and rituals you can integrate into daily life through ceremonies to ground yourself, heal the wounds of a broken heart, and increase the frequency of love within
  • Chanting, energy work, and sound therapy to harmonize and balance your heart center
  • Essential oils you can use to reprogram your subconscious mind with new beliefs and paradigms that will support manifesting your dreams.

Empower and awaken the deepest essence of love within and learn tools for awakening and deepening your truest Divine essence, as well as a wonderful body of knowledge for life-changing self-care.


Swimming in Love

Join us in 2018 for our next Swimming in Love retreat! Swimming in Love is a life-changing journey to the ancient playground of the Atlanteans, and the oceanic home of wild Atlantic spotted and bottlenose dolphins. Join acclaimed transformational leader, Allison Stillman and Spiritual Teacher Mirabai Devi for a week long immersion deep into the heart of love and awakening.

Our days will begin in prayer and meditation, practicing yoga, pranayama, and Divine light transmissions. We will then venture out to the warm aquamarine waters to dance in the heart of bliss and love with our beloved dolphins.

Allison has been leading people on sacred journeys to be with wild dolphins for 25 years and has a very profound telepathic relationship with dolphins and whales. Mirabai has traveled the world for the last 27 years bringing forth Divine light and love, and awakening the hearts of thousands. This week long celebration of love, healing, laughter, joy and expansion will be a deep mystical exploration of Spirit.

Join us for a life-changing journey of the heart July 8th-14th 2018!

Private Anointing Rites of Passage

Allison is a visionary aromatic alchemist and ordained minister who has performed anointing rites of passage for over 25 years with people traveling from around the world for life changing private sessions. Anointing rites of passage have been used for thousands of years as one of the oldest and most traditional use of aromatics, or pure essential oils.

Anointing is a rite of passage using essential oils, sound therapy, reiki and massage in an elevating and transforming ceremony to invoke Divinity, awaken consciousness, raise the frequency or cellular vibration of love, and to clear old programming and belief systems from the conscious and subconscious minds. Anointing rites of passage are a palpable way to change the cellular make up of who you are and what you are here to do and create in life!

Are you ready for the most magnificent version of you??

It is time to live every moment in a state of the miraculous!


My session with you really helped me move a big piece I have been chipping away at for a long time. I can’t even describe how incredible it feels to have that shift! I can hold and allow more joy, bliss, peace and grace through me and in me than ever before. Priceless! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
San Diego, CA

In the next phase of the anointing, I saw through my closed eyelids a celestial scene and felt the presence of angels floating above where I lay. She placed certain crystals on top of the blanket across various areas of my body and although I could not see their type or color, I felt their power through the gravity until even the gravity lifted. 
My life has been fortunate in that I’ve been blessed with very good health. But when I was about 12, I fell off a bicycle into a ditch. My right knee took the brunt of the fall and a scar exists there even today. She focused on this area more than any other and when her hands covered it, it felt very warm. Hot, in fact. It was as if she was taking away even the memory of that pain. 
Soft music, the kind that settles the mind and helps focus meditation played in the background. At times I noticed it and at times I was spiritually elsewhere. At one point I thought I heard rain falling, but at that point I was off wandering in some cool, green wooded glen in my mind. 
But then the singing bowls started. You don’t normally feel that your cells can see fireworks, but once she began the tones, I felt that each cell in my body had a pair of eyes and all were watching bright, spectacular colors against a black night sky. And sometimes beyond the fireworks, I could see the stars floating in the heavens beyond. 
After the singing bowls, Allee revisited my body with loving touch. The best part was when she was patting my head and hair like a loving mother soothes an infant. 
I had to wonder how many others have had both an anointing and a baptism on the same day. It made me feel as though I was the most blessed woman on the face of the entire planet Earth. 
The memory of that day will last forever, especially since Allee sent a small vial of essential oil home with me.
Phoenix, AZ

I love you, Allison Stillman and am forever grateful for the light and love that flows through you and the psychic, and spiritual partnership that we have in the ethers to enhance the Unfolding of my Life’s Purpose. You are a true Priestess and a true artisan of Alchemical Transformation.
Certified Master Aromatherapist 
Organic Infusions, Inc 
Founder and President