The Sacred Art of Anointing

The secrets of the ancients revealed for the first time in countless centuries! “The Sacred Art of Anointing”, by renowned aromatic alchemist Allison Stillman, is the definitive book on anointing, and is based on twenty years of anointing people from across the globe. This book seeks to educate the reader about the ceremonial use of consecrated essential oils to make, or declare one sacred, holy, and Divine. “The Sacred Art of Anointing” has recently been added to the Harvard Theological Library.

“The Sacred Art of Anointing” is a comprehensive guide to the alchemical art of anointing as practiced in the ancient temples of Egypt. Providing enlightening insight, it enables the reader to create various ceremonies: for health and well being, to develop inner wisdom and guidance, to induce deeper states of relaxation, and to awaken higher states of consciousness and Divine realization.

Looking at the historical use of aromatics in spiritual and religious ceremony, Allison Stillman has reclaimed anointing and combined its Divine mystery with modern research. She brings a new awareness to a sacred art with compelling information about essential oils, crystals and gemstones, sound therapy, and the art of consecration; which allows the reader to shift into a more balanced, graceful, and abundant way of life.

Artisanal Blends

Romancing the Divine anointing oils are handcrafted with pure essential oils, and blended with love by renowned aromatic alchemist, Allison Stillman.



Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion which inspires desire and creation. When you are moved passionately, you can move mountains and manifest all of your heart’s desires!

When you stand fully in your passionate nature, the resonance is ignited in the root of your body, the 1st energy center. Passion is an alchemical blend that may be used to root fully into your passionate nature by anointing the base of the spine and the soles of the feet or wherever you are intuitively guided.

Cedarwood, spruce, sandalwood, bay laurel, pine, cinnamon, amyris and vetivert in a jojoba base.

connection essential oil


Connection is a sensual blend of aromatics designed to bring deeper connection and enrich all of your relationships, including the relationship with your self.

The 2nd energy center of the body is the place where connection with others is initiated and cultivated. This is also the center of the body that bridges your egoic nature with your physical desires, and enhances your ability to bring desire into manifestation. It is the bridge between passion and manifestation.

Sandalwood, geranium, clary sage, jasmine, linden blossom, ylang ylang, patchouli, and ginger lily in a jojoba base.



Abundance occurs when you are firmly rooted in your power, and in a place of expansion and magnetic attraction. In the 3rd energy center or solar plexus, you are either experiencing each moment in a state of love, or a state of fear, expressing outwardly as either expansion or contraction. In the place of expansion and empowerment all possibilities exist and you are a powerful creator creating and manifesting all of your hearts desires. When you sit in the place of contraction or fear, you block the flow of all the abundance that naturally wants to flow through you.

This blend of aromatics is a combination of many oils that have traditionally been associated with abundance and wealth.  In this energy center, you blend heaven and earth, and when you are empowered and balanced in that state of union, anything is possible and from that powerful place you can manifest all of your visions and dreams.

Ginger, patchouli, cinnamon, frankincense, and orange in a jojoba base



Love is an intoxicating blend of anointing oils used for thousands of years to expand the heart. With a deeper capacity for self-love, you are able to manifest more love in all your relationships. This luscious combination of aphrodisiacs is comprised of the oils that have been used to attract love for millennia and are known for raising the cellular frequency of love within your heart, body and mind.  Typically applied to the heart, as this area is the center of your body and the place from which love radiates and emanates.

Rose, cardamom, sandalwood, rosewood, jasmine and ylang ylang in a jojoba base.



Peace was ordained and brought forth after a powerful event with wild dolphins. In an encounter with a dolphin, Allison was touched by the dolphin and told she must bring forth this blend as a tool to heal the harmonics of the Earth and inspire joy. Inner guidance led to this masterful blend as an aromatic designed to bring peace to all of your communication and instill playful joy to your daily life. In addition, it allows for freedom in expression, and an ability to speak your most essential and authentic truth. The essence of the dolphins permeates Peace and many have shared they see dolphins or are reminded of dolphins when inhaling the magical elixir of Peace.

Lavender, blue chamomile, holy basil, ylang ylang, sweet orange, and a touch of rosa damascena in a base of organic jojoba oil (the secret sauce is the vibrational energy of the dolphins).

PEACE is a daily, a weekly, a monthly practice gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures.




Invision is a blend of sacred spiritual oils that combine to inspire deep visionary capabilities allowing you to connect into much higher states of consciousness and awareness. The continued use of this blend will awaken your ability to see beyond the veils of separation and illusion, and dive deep into your inner vision. Invision is  a blend to be used when you are seeking to learn more about a situation or when you want to develop your intuitive vision about someone or something. Mny of the oils used are pysho-active and induce visionary states of awareness.

Cedarwood, rosewood, champaca, neroli, sandalwood, palo santo in a jojoba base.



Meditation is a combination of the oils that have been used for thousands of years to enter into deep states of meditation, going beyond mind and all that is. These oils are known for their psycho-active properties and will inspire deep powerful states of Samadhi, or enlightened states of consciousness and awareness. They are ideal to anoint before any meditation or prayer ceremony.  Many of the oils used in this blend have been used in religious and spiritual ceremony for thousands of years.

Cedarwood, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, spikenard, spruce in a jojoba base.


Breath of Life

Breath of Life is a restorative blend of the spicy aromatics that have been used throughout time to balance the respiratory tract, especially when convalescing from inflammatory conditions such as colds, flu and bronchitis. These potent respiratory oils will open the lungs and sinuses and are most optimally used for inhalation, dropping a couple of drops in the palm of the hand, rubbing the hands together and placing the cupped hands over the nose and mouth and inhaling deeply of the aromas. You can also rub 4-5 drops onto the balls of the feet, and massage into well. These are the reflex points that correspond to the lungs.

Eucalyptus, ravensara, rosemary and peppermint in a jojoba base.


Real Ease

Real Ease is a potent combination of the essential oils known for their anti-inflammatory properties. This blend can be used to reduce swelling, bruising and inflammation.  You will take 4-5 drops and massage onto the afflicted area, massage in gently for about 30 seconds. Then place the hand over the area and hold the hand against the skin to assist in maximum absorption. You will know the oils have penetrated the skin when you feel an icy hot, tingling sensation, which means the oils have reached the nerves and the bloodstream. The intelligence of the aromatic molecules seek out the inflammation and will begin to reduce the pain and inflamed areas.

Helichrysum, rosemary, wintergreen, and peppermint in a jojoba base.


HeartScent Custom Signature Scents

HeartScent Custom Signature Scents are custom blended by Allison Stillman to produce distinctive scents that are unique to your own personality and are based on in-depth inquiries we will do together. They are created to invoke the greatest frequency of love within you, and support for what you are going through at the time of the consultation., and no two fragrances will be alike. They are created for that specific moment in time, and to assist in elevating awareness, love and enhance the ability to manifest your hearts’ desire.

To develop your individual HeartScent, you will book a consultation, answering an in depth questionnaire to determine the most appropriate oils for your unique blend, and Allison will then blend the precise combination of pure, high-grade essential oils to create your perfect custom signature HeartScent.

To book a consultation, email


After many years and much research, I have aligned myself with doTerra as a source for sustainably sourced high-grade essential oils. I believe in their conservation and their ethics in producing high-quality essential oils for the public and they offer a wide variety of single oils.

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Amethyst BioMats

Crystal Infrared Technology

Quantum Therapeutics: Unique Innovation in Bio Technology

Science and medicine have come together to develop an amazing healing tool and  medical device for home and professional use. The BioMat’s state-of-the-art Crystal Infrared and Negative Ion technology supports and allows healing processes to occur, in addition to these benefits:


  • Eases Muscle & Joint Pain & Stiffness associated with Arthritis
  • Temporary Relief of Sprains & Strains
  • Relaxes Muscles
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Strengthens the Cardiovascular System
  • Improved Restful Sleep
  • Reduces Stress and Fatigue
  • Supports the Immune System
  • Increased Tissue Oxygenation
  • Boosts Energy and Vitality
  • Soothes & Relaxes